California State Militia

Citizens over the age of 18, not currently enlisted in the organized military forces of the United States of America, to stand in reserve as a member of the California State Militia.

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  • What We Do

We are a garrison of citizens dedicated to our Constitution and standing united in the defense of our country from all enemies, be they foreign or domestic.

As a unit, we stand at the ready to both support and reinforce the efforts of law enforcement and organized military forces in the civil defense of our nation, our state, our cities and neighborhoods, and most importantly the defense of our families.

Once rostered, you can train with other militiamen at regularly scheduled  drills. The training, inspired by the original Minutemen, will be geared to include but not limited to: 

  • land navigation
  • first aid
  • wilderness search and rescue
  • marksmanship

The “grassroots” defense of our  nation is every citizen’s responsibility.